A flesh-machine


In medieval France, there was a small village, which had been terrorized for decades by a giant, who legend claimed was immortal. The giant had taken the lives of hundreds of villagers and those that remained lived in constant fear. One evening, the villagers all gathered together to figure out how they could rid themselves of the giant once and for all. Their answer was to poison him, offering him a tainted offering of peace. Upon eating the offering the giant became frozen to the spot and fell into a deep sleep. The villagers, realizing that they could not move the giant, set about building a gigantic tower around him to keep him prisoner. After much work, the giant was encased within the tower, never to escape. The villagers made no doors or weaknesses in order to keep the giant at bay for as long as possible. One night a strange man rode into town during a terrible storm. He sought refuge in a local tavern, where he spent the evening drinking and talking with the villagers. It was during this time that he heard the story of the giant. The story fascinated him; he demanded to know more; had anyone ever hurt the giant? Had he ever spilt blood? The very next day, the man was seen walking at the base of the tower, knocking on the stones and making strange shapes on the surrounding soil. Upon being questioned by the townsfolk, the man reviled that he was infact an alchemist and that he believed the giant to be the key to attaining the lapis philosophorum which enabled a man to transcend life and become immortal. He aimed to gain access to the tower and study the giant, analyzing his body for the key to his life. The villagers warned the man to cease his workings and to leave the town, but he would not. He demanded to be told how to enter the tower and threatened untold evils if the villagers did not grant his wish.

The next morning, as the villagers awoke, they saw the alchemist sat atop the tower with ropes and wooden planks. For days he sat, day and night, working on an untold device. Several weeks later a lone villager claimed to have heard a monstrous noise emanating from near the tower. As the villagers gathered to investigate, they found blood drenched stones scattered at the towers base. Through a haze of cloud they saw the alchemist slowly emerge from a hole within the tower. The villagers screamed and fled, they gathered their belongings and left the village under the shadow of darkness, fearing that the giant was soon to wake. In the years that passed, many claimed to have seen the alchemist gathering wood and iron, or winching items along the cast walls of the tower. These sightings continued for several decades, with only the daring few approaching within several miles of the tower. As the years continued, the tower fell silent, yet people still stayed away. Cities rose and fell, yet no one dared investigate the tower. Generations passed and the stories continued, the myth expanded, adapting and encompassing the time of its retelling.


2010.11.2 in London


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    2010/11/05 @ 11:59 上午


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