“Diagram” in Eisenman`s Dictionary

Diagram is an extraordinary direct and obvious way turned to when the designer want to explain or present their understanding and conception.Diagram is graphic but more than that at the same time.It is not the kind of meaningless expression or the idividual imagination of the artists.Diagram is logic and on the basis of analysing the issues encountered during the process of designing architecture.
Therefore diagram is the suitable and creative solution to a specific project.Diagram could be transfered directly into architecture form(SANAA is a case in point)or undergo another metamorphose when projected into practice(RAMTV is an example)Both need the new media-computer design-as the medium.
If you are an architect,it is inevitably to face two questions.One,how the architecture come into being.Two,how the architecture reflect the surroundings.The average will be prone to use the rhetoric skills to answer these intractable questions,such as the relationship between inside and outside,the function corresponding the city organism,the materials derived from the traditional elements.Although the answers are quite correct and useful,Eisenman turn to another more creative and original solution-diagram-to give his response.
In the vocabulary of Eisenman’s architecture,he categorize the related elements into two definition:interior and exterior.Interior contains the basic geometry elements consisting of the final architecture form:cube,grid,L-shape,bar.These forms are manipulated with the assistant of computer,according some basic principles.Exterior involves his understanding about the history,the surrounding,the context related to the site not just the city context.


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