4th International Bauhaus Award Presented

First prize
The first prize went to Stephan Weber and Michél Flasskamp, architecture students
from Münster for their entry “EMMER moves out”. The jury’s decision was unanimous.
The authors described their project in their own words:
A new concrete wall is built based on the wall that previously marked the enclosure of
the Ensemble of Masters’ Houses. The Emmer House is disconnected from the
original foundation of the Gropius House and “pushed” out of the Ensemble which in
turn becomes a true ensemble again–albeit a new one. “Floating” at basement height
of the in its new position the Emmer House now provides both old and new free
space. The space underneath the house, which will not be noticed at first glance,
connects the Ensemble of the Masters’ Houses with the Emmer House.
The missing floor slab of the Emmer House provides the visitor with a view of the
inside of the building. By turning the house inside out it becomes an exhibit and it
also stresses how different it is from the Bauhaus. The space underneath the Emmer
House becomes the new drop-in centre for the visitors to the Masters’ Houses and
can be used as a multifunctional area. A variable partition system, which is hidden
beneath the ground, is used to create the space needed for exhibitions, workshops,
lectures etc. which will consequently contribute to enlivening the neighbourhood. The
originally basement of the Director’s House is converted into a lounge.
The freed foundation becomes a stage for different events and thereby returns to the
fundamental idea of a foundation’s purpose.
“EMMER moved out“
The jury’s reasons for its decision:
The intelligent and convincingly presented design succeeds in recreating the
ensemble of the Masters’ Houses without reconstructing Walter Gropius’ Director’s
House and without denying the marks of history in the form of the Emmer House.
The entry exposes and makes visible the base, as the surviving and therefore
authentic part of the former Director’s House, lending it a new significance and
As a space for holding events, the area between the relocated Emmer House and the
basement level of the Gropius building becomes an event catalyst to activate the
area. In doing so, the project makes an important contribution to updating modernism
which it sees as a process.

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